Holding Out Hope
“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”  - Emily Dickinson


In 2004, Tina Soloman accepted the position of Volunteer Choir Director at the Tennessee Prison for Women. Soon others would join her and create a network of helping hands and hearts. 

Prison is a necessity in the fabric of our society.  We, as an organization, fully understand the need for serious consequences as a result of wrong choices.  We grieve for the victims and their families. Mercy is not turning a blind eye to the actions of a criminal.  Mercy is showing compassion in spite of those actions.

Guided by the belief that every person is created for a purpose, we choose to seek out the best in each woman we work with regardless of their past. Because of our own personal encounters with Grace and Love we are convinced that a person's past does not have to define their future.  Accepting personal responsibility and breaking negative patterns of behavior is the road to help and healing. Change is possible.


In addition to singing, the women are taught basic life and coping skills. The choir often sings for special guests who bring services into the prison.  In the last ten years our programs have impacted thousands of incarcerated women.

Most inmates (over 90%) will return to society in the free world. As an organization we aid in the rehabilitation of the individuals who participate in the programs we offer so they can walk in healthy and productive ways when they re-enter our society.

This work is gritty and statistics tell us it boasts few rewards, however 

those of us who participate in this kind of community service believe that 

ONE WOMAN TRANSFORMED is worth all of our efforts.